December 29, 2023

Since the Korean Government announced the new Workcation Visa in January 2023 Digital Nomads around the world are waiting for more details.. And now it’s finally time! On December 29th the Ministry of Justice announced more infos which I will share and explain in this Blog Post.

Who is this visa for?

The Workcation Visa is for foreigners who want to work for a foreign Company remotely from South Korea.

When is it available?

According to the Announcement of the Ministry of Justice, the Visa is available already starting from Jan 1, 2024!

How long can I stay on this Visa?

The Visa Period of this Workcation Visa is set to 1 year and can be extended of another year. So over all you could stay in Korea for 2 years.

What are the general requirements?

So far not many details are known and I will make sure to add the required documents and more once they’ve been added to the official websites. For now the announced requirements are:

  • For people older than 18 years
  • For people with work experience in this field of more than 1 year
  • For people with an annual income that’s two times the Korean gross national income  (Korea’s GNI per capita in 2022 was 42.48 million KRW, so that would require an income of 66,000$ per year)

What are the conditions of the Visa?

As mentioned this Visa is for people that want to work for a foreign company in South Korea. Therefore you’re not allowed to work for a Korean Company or use this visa to look for a job here.

Foreigners that are currently in Korea with a B1/B2/C3 short-term tourist visa can switch to this Visa Type within the country at the immigration office.

And People that got this Workcation Visa can actually also bring their children and spouse based on the same visa.

How to get the Visa?

So far the way to get this Digital Nomad Visa for South Korea is the same as the official ways of any other Visa. That means you should contact the Korean Embassy in your home country or the Korean Immigration Office to get more infos and detailed document requirements.

So far those are all infos we got from the officials, I will make sure to add the rest here in this Blog Post, as soon as they announce more. The Digital Nomad Visa, called Workcation Visa, for South Korea is currently just a test and the government will adjust it after some time.

PS: There are unfortunately no news about the announced K-Culture Visa yet!

(Source: Korea JoongAng Daily)

December 29, 2023

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