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How I ended up in South Korea...

Imagine you have a well-paid dream job with great colleagues and exciting tasks, you have just become an aunt, you live in a city in your home country that you love, with great friends around you and also a happy relationship.
But the thought of moving abroad for a while just won’t let go of you. It gives you sleepless nights and you ask yourself why you are thinking about it now?

This was exactly the point I was at a few years ago. And I decided to listen to my heart and dare to take the step into the unknown. *humming frozen songs to myself* I started researching and saving, talking to my family and partner at the time and making pro & con lists of destination countries.

And in November 2021, the time had come: I quit my job, sold my belongings and moved to South Korea to take time off from my job and study Korean in a long-term language course at Sogang University.

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But from the beginning.. Who I am:

I’m Antje from Germany, in my early 30s and living in South Korea since 2021. Have traveled a lot since then and help other travelers or people who want to move here as “Nextstopkorea”.

– I love to plan, but at the same time am extremely crazy.

– I love nature, but also the exciting city.

– I come across as very extroverted, but definitely need my alone time.

– I love my job as a content creator, but I’m not a fan of social media.

What am I doing here?

Good question… I don’t really know! 
Joking aside… in my “first life”, I worked in marketing and project management for 8 years and now use these skills as a content creator, travel planner, social media manager, guide book writer, consultant, free lancer, and so on..

I made a conscious decision not to get a full time job and therefore a work visa here and switched to the working holiday visa after my language studies.

Even though dating in Korea was absolutely not my priority, I went on a few absolutely terrible dates and gave up very quickly. Luckily, I then met my partner at one of his art exhibitions and since then I don’t travel around the country solo quite as often. 

How you can contact me...

The best way to contact me is via Instagram! Just send me a message with your questions, I’ll try my best to reply everyone! To save us both some time, I would just ask you to read a bit through my posts and especially the FAQ Story Highlight to find the most common questions plus well organized answers.




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I offer collaborations, consultations, advertisement, user generated content and social media management services for companies or individuals that are aligned with my values and will be helpful to my community. 

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