Antje Hansow


Antje Hansow

Content Creator

in Seoul, South Korea

About me

After 8 years I quit my job in the marketing department of a Fortune´s 100 company and moved from Germany to Korea in 2021 to study Korean at Sogang University and settle here. Since then I have shared my experiences on Instagram as “Next Stop: Korea” and gained over 30K Follower within a year.

My Services

Besides Social Media Management and Consultation, I can provide your business or organization with highly personalized User Generated Content (UGC) about your products or services.
This content can either be used as a testimonial or as content with a personal touch exclusively on your channels, or it can also be shared on my account and therefore with my community, allowing you to reach a highly engaged audience already filtered by interests.

Insights in February 2024

My Community

My followers are 90% female, on average between 18 and 44 years old and mostly from North America, Europe & South Asia.

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My Rates

As my rates depend on the type of product or experience, possible affiliate links, discount codes for my community or similar things, I am not sharing fixed rates. Please don’t hesitate to send me your offer or describe what you’re looking for and I will share my rates. I also offer discounts for content packages and long term partnerships. 

You think we are a good match?

Then just send me a message, I’m sure we will find a way that works for both of us!
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