Next Stop: Korea -

A Trip from Seoul to Jeju beyond Tourist Maps!

See the Korea, that most tourists won't see!

Prepare for an extraordinary 8-day Fall Adventure through South Korea, where the usual tourist trails fade away, and the hidden gems come to light. From the vibrant streets of Seoul to the magical charm of Jeju Island, our curated journey is designed to unveil the authentic essence of Korea. Let’s dive into vibrant city vibes in Seoul, local treasures in Mokpo and breath taking nature in Jeju Island. We will of course see some Must Visits for South Korea, but also witness the untouched beauty that awaits those who venture off the conventional touristy paths while still experiencing the Korean Culture we all know and love.

This is not just a trip – it’s an exploration of the uncommon Korea that most tourists won’t be able to see!

Nov 13 - Nov 20

8 Days / 7 Nights

max. 8 people

from $3,299

Our Stops during this trip:

Daily Trip Details & Activity Highlights:

*The mentioned activities are subject to change, but no worries we will make the most of your time here!

What's included in the price:

  • Accommodation for 8 Nights
  • Simple breakfast, daily Lunch, Dinner
  • Professional Local Guide
  • Entrance Fees
  • Experiences & Activity fees*
  • Transportation (KTX, Ferry, Van, Flight back to Seoul)
  • Booking Credit Card Fees
  • My personal Seoul Map (in case you will stay longer)

What's NOT included in the price:

  • Flights to and from Korea
  • Daily full western style breakfast Buffett
  • Personal Expenses (coffee, dessert, souvenirs)
  • Travel Insurance for the trip

Your Room-Options:

During our trip we will stay in different Hotels. All Hotels will be of similar standard, with good reviews and clean facilities. You can choose between the following options in the booking process. 

Shared Room (1P)

  • By choosing this option, you will share a room with another random person.

Single Room (1P)

  • By choosing this option, you will have a private room all for yourself.

Your Hosts:

As Tour Guide and traveler we met on one random trip and after becoming friends we travelled together to Danyang, Jecheon, the DMZ, Nami Island, Tongyeong and other destinations. During those trips we realized, that we have the same goal: Showing other travelers the hidden beauty of South Korea, that most tourists cannot see. So end of 2023 we decided to plan a trip together for adventurers like us and here we are!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can join the trip?

Literally everyone over 18 years old, who wants to enjoy the hidden Korea with us! We don’t care about nationality, religion, looks or whatever. You are welcome to join!

Please keep in mind that some of the activities we plan for the trip will require a basic fitness level though.

What if I have special dietary restrictions?

As our trip is going deep into the country, away from tourist spots and modern cities and as we focus a lot on local gems including local traditional dishes, we unfortunately cannot guarantee vegan / halal / gluten-free / … options.

We will always try our best to find an option for you and we will always have a convenience store stop planned per day, but we can’t guarantee anything. Please let us know your requirements when making a booking!

What are the room options?

We offer the following room options:

  • single room (1P)
  • shared room (1P)

If you chose the shared room, you will randomly get a room mate on the first day of our trip. Changing room mate will be possible on the first day (if you meet someone you get along with really well for example) but on mutual understanding so no one feels left out! 

All Hotels will be of similar midrange standard, clean and with good ratings. Please keep in mind, that – if this is part of the trip – you will have to sleep during a Hanok Stay or Glamping Activity you have to sleep one night on a floor mat (the Korean traditional Style) and/or share a room one night, no matter what option you booked.

What is the weather like during that time?

Mid November is still a nice time to travel around Korea! It’s not yet winter, so you can expect temperatures between 11°C (51°F) to 19°C (66°F). Bring comfortable shoes, a  jacket for the evenings and long sleeves/sweatshirts, but also some t-shirts. 

What if I have to cancel my booking?

Here our Refund Policy:

  • until 15 days before the trip: 100%
  • 14-3 days before the trip: 70%
  • 2-1 day before the trip: 40%
  • on Trip Day/No Show: 0%

To cancel the booking please send us an email:

Do I need travel insurance?

As we cannot include travel insurance for our participants, you need to get your own insurance, including cancellation, personal injury, death, medical expenses, personal property damage, and so on. It provides peace of mind knowing you’re covered in case of illness or injury.

Will you offer other travel dates?

We offer unique Korea-Trips like this regularly (this is our third one) and we plan to continue to do so! Next will most likely be spring 2025!

What else should I know?

The itinerary and schedule is subject to change depending on many circumstances. 

We will take videos and photos for marketing purposes during the trip. If you do not agree with being in the content, please let us know BEFORE the trip.

Our previous Trip:

In April 2024 we did the first trip of this kind together with 5 wonderful women from Argentina, Germany and the US. We made amazing memories, learned so many new things about Korean Culture and simply enjoyed our time here. Just like this Fall Trip we travelled for 9 days from Seoul to Busan.. but instead of the west and south part of the country we explored the more eastern region – with Gangneung, Danyang, Jecheon, Andong and Pohang!

What the participants said about it: