Study-Preparation – What you need for an effective study session

Of course, you can just sit down and start learning…. You will certainly not learn any worse than with the following tips.
But if you prepare the following things before the study session, you will automatically study more effectively, have fewer distracting interruptions and feel more comfortable.

1) Schedule

Plan your study sessions in advance so that you can better prepare for them. I have found it helpful to block out study times in my calendar to bring regularity to my day

2) Clock

A tip that I considered unimportant for a long time is to set fixed times for when you study, when you take a break and when you finish your study session. It’s best to have a clock ready for this.

3) Drink

Stay hydrated… This way your brain can work better and has everything it needs. If you have your drink ready beforehand, you avoid getting up in the middle of studying and losing focus.

4) Light

Dim light makes you tired quickly; too bright, direct light damages your eyes. For longer study sessions, it is important to have the right light to stay awake and focused.

5) Seat

People often underestimate the importance of a good desk chair. It is definitely better to study in a comfortable position and to protect your health and posture with an ergonomic chair.

6) Music

Personally, I prefer to listen to some music in the background while studying. It’s important for me that it’s a relaxed song without vocals, so that I don’t distract my brain by “singing along” 😀
You should find out for yourself what helps you when studying and what distracts you.

7) Notifications

To maintain concentration and focus, I recommend switching your phone to “Do not Disturb” or “Airplane” mode or simply disabling all notifications. Because who doesn’t know when “I’m just going to have a peek” quickly turns into “Oops, it’s been another hour”.

8) Snack

Strangely I always get hungry right when I’m studying… I think I’m just imagining it to have an excuse to stop studying 😀
To prevent this from happening, I eat enough before studying and have a healthy, energy-rich snack ready.

9) Material

Besides all the things mentioned above, you should also know what you want to learn and how. Do you only need your laptop or a tablet, or paper and pens? Do you need specific books, do you need to print something out in advance or to get something from the library? You should know and prepare all this before your study session.

And then you’re ready to go! Good luck :*

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