Must Have Phone Apps for your Korea Trip

If you’re planning a trip to South Korea, it’s important that you have the right tools to make your trip more enjoyable and convenient. In this blog post, I recommend you the top 10 mobile apps you absolutely need for your trip to South Korea:

Papago – Translator

Papago is a language translation app that can translate Korean into different languages, including English, German and Japanese. This app is very helpful for Korea travelers, especially the voice and photo feature.

Naver – Search Engine

Instead of Google, Naver is the most popular search engine in Korea. It is a comprehensive app that offers various services such as news, shopping, and transportation. You can use this app to search for popular tourist spots, restaurants, and accommodations.

NaverMaps or KakaoMaps – Navigation

Since Googlemaps has limited functionality in Korea, Koreans use their home map apps such as NaverMaps or KakaoMaps. They can search for a destination, check public transportation routes, and get real-time traffic information.

KakaoTalk – Messenger

KakaoTalk is the most widely used messaging app in South Korea. You can use it to communicate with locals and stay in touch with your travel companions. When you meet new friends in Korea, they won’t ask you for your mobile number, but for your KakaoID to stay in touch.

KakaoT – Taxi-Hailing

Cabs in Korea are quite cheap compared to North America or Europe. With KakaoT you can easily book a cab, especially if you don’t speak Korean. Only registered cab drivers are available in the app, you can see the approximate price of the ride and you can track the cab’s location in real time.

KoRail – Train Tickets

KoRail is the official app of the Korean National Railways. It allows you to search for train schedules, book tickets, and check train routes. This app is especially helpful for travelers who want to explore other parts of South Korea outside of Seoul and the best way to avoid the many scam website on Google. 

Seoul Bikes – Bike Rental

Seoul Bike is a bike sharing app that lets you rent a bike in Seoul. You can find bike stations near your location and rent a bike for a small fee. It’s a fun, convenient, and eco-friendly way to explore the city.

Currency – Exchange rates

Currency is a currency conversion app that lets you convert the Korean won to other currencies. It helped me a lot in Korea in the beginning to get a. Feeling of how much I spend here and what I can afford or not afford with my budget.

AirVisual – Air Quality

Air Visual is an air quality monitoring app that provides real-time updates on air quality in South Korea. Koreans wear masks not only because of Covid, but also because of the fine-dust pollution that appears regularly. With this app, as a traveler, you will know when it is recommended to wear a mask outside as well or rather seek indoor activities.

In conclusion, these mobile apps are essential for any traveler visiting South Korea. They can make your trip more convenient, enjoyable and stress-free. Whether you want to explore the city, try the local cuisine, or communicate with locals, these apps will help you during your South Korea adventure.

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