March-Wallpaper 2022 [FREEBIES]

New Month – New Wallpapers!

I’m releasing new Desktop- & Phone-Wallpaper every month. You can download and use them on your devices easily. In March 2022 I offer you 6 different styles of backgrounds for your notebook or phone. They are all giving me March-Feelings.. Spring is coming, so have some spring and light vibes.

Unfortunately, March this year also brings a dark side and much uncertainty. I had always hoped that our generation would never experience another war in Europe. And yet so many people now have to lose their lives because of such senselessness.
I know that something like a stupid wallpaper doesn’t help anyone in this Russia-Ukraine-Crisis… But:

Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world.

African proverb (also famous part of the Berlin Wall)

You can download the free Wallpapers here.

Please let me know, which one is your favorite!

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