Jecheon & Danyang – A paradise for Foodies & Outdoor-Fans [sponsored Trip by Trazy & K Story Tour]

In October 2022 I got invited to a Jecheon & Danyang 2D1N Tour from Seoul and it was unexpectedly beautiful! is a website that makes it much easier for foreigners to book tours inside and outside Seoul. Their services and tours are all English, really well organized and bring you to absolute stunning places like the beautiful Jecheon & Danyang area this time ♡

Honestly, I haven’t heard much about this area before this trip, so I traveled without much expectations. Now after doing it, I’m sooooooo glad that I did the tour and was able to explore a still quite unknown corner of the South Korean peninsula.

Day 1 – Jecheon – Healing & Food

We met our Tourguide at Cheongyanyni Station (Seoul) in the morning and it took us about an hour to Jecheon by KTX. Everything was so well organized from the beginning, it was amazing! Once we arrived in Jecheon, it took less than 5 minutes for our private bus to pick us up.

First stop was Mosan Airfield, famous for the BTS music video “Young Forever”. Even for someone who is not a big Kpop fan like me, the scenery was really nice to look at. I just can imagine how much more fun it would be if you’re actually a fan and see the familiar view.

Right after that we went to downtown Jecheon and did the Jecheon Gastro Tour with a korean guide. Jecheon is known for natural herbs and spices that were used in the dishes and the restaurants were awarded for it by the city. Accordingly, the dishes were incredibly delicious, my favorite being the Korean cold noodles!

After all the food we went to relax in a foot spa café and got a brilliant hot herbal tea. The owner and his wife explained everything in detail and Dony – our Tourguide – did the best job translating it for the people who didn’t understand Korean. I wish you could smell the herbs in this café through a picture…

After an hour bus ride, which we all kinda needed a bit after all the food and the relaxing foot bath, we took the cable car up Bibong Mountain. Incredibly nice photo spots, brilliant views and a cafe, convenience store and a small hike invite you to spend hours there 😀

In the evening we walked a bit around the Uirimji Reservoir watching the sunset and the fairy lights around the lake being turned on once it was dark enough. And after a quick dinner, we finally arrived at the hotel, which actually far exceeded my expectations. For a small town like Jecheon, the hotel was really nice and well equipped.

Day 2 – Danyang – Action & Adrenaline

On the second day we got up extra early and went to Dodam Sambong. This view!!! It felt absolutely unreal, how the mist floated over the water between the stone rocks and the small Hanok Pavilion. And just 15 minutes later, the fog was gone too…. So it was definitely worth getting up a little earlier than planned!

Next stop was the Mancheonhwa Skywalk, but before we went up there, we briefly tried an Alpine Rollercoaster. Super fun for adrenaline junkies! The skywalk also offered a great view and since we were there a little earlier and it was not too crowded, whoever wanted could take a zipline from there back to the parking lot.

Before we went to my absolute highlight, we made a stop at Gosu Cave. In the cave it was a bit warmer than expected and you had to walk a bit up and down, so I recommend taking a water with you. But the rocks and stalactites were very beautiful to look at and again it was worth it!

Our final stop and my absolute highlight was the Café Sann and the paragliding activity offered there! I dared the jump with my partner and can only recommend it to everyone!!! It was breathtakingly beautiful and after the first adrenaline rush you could really enjoy the flight. Dony recommended us to take the dynamic course, even though I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t too scared for that. But it was absolutely the right decision and it was incredibly fun!!! 

All in all, this tour was extremely well planned and executed, our tour guide was funny, structured and had sooo many interesting facts to tell about the places we went to. The places visited were more than beautiful and offered wonderful views. I can recommend this 2D1N trip to Jecheon and Danyang, other K Story’s hassle-free tours and Trazy´s Services 100%! And if you can’t spend two days, they offer this trip as a One-Day-Tour or other destinations too!

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