DMZ, Pocheon Art Valley & Nami Island [sponsored Trip by Trazy & K Story Tour] – a website that makes it much easier for foreigners to book tours inside and outside Seoul – invited me to a tour again. It was a 2 Days 1 Night Trip from Seoul to the Demilitarized Zone, Pocheon Art Valley and Nami Island and many other spots in the beautiful Gyeongido province surrounding Seoul. Trazy´s services and tours are all English, really well organized and bring you to absolute beautiful and important places ♡

Day 1 – DMZ & Pocheon

Although I have been living in Korea for a year, I have not been to the DMZ yet. So it was time that I go there and I am very glad that I was able to go there with this K-Story tour. As last time when I did the tour to Jecheon & Danyang, our tour guide was well prepared, funny and had lots of information ready. We met him at Hongdae Station in Seoul and took a private Van to go to our first stop.

During the drive from Seoul to Odusan Observatory, he explained to us the history of divided Korea. His explanation was short but full of the most important facts so that everyone could roughly understand how it all happened and how significant it is to this day.

From the Odusan Observatory, we could look at North Korea through normal or highly modern digital binoculars. Our tour guide Dony even showed us some North Korean field workers and explained that we were only about a kilometer away from a North Korean village. Inside the observatory is a gallery of drawings and texts from affected families, all about the desire for reunification. It was really touching!

The second stop was the actual DMZ in Imjingak. We walked to the Freedom Bridge, saw a small bunker, and took a cable car into the middle of the Demilitarized Zone. Since it does not have the highest security level there, we hardly saw any soldiers, so even though the Korean division is a very serious and sad topic, there was no dull or tense mood.

After a short lunch we went with our small private van to an apple farm for apple picking! It was so much fun and we had a splendid time choosing and picking our apples, taking a small ride with a cart and eating warm apple pie. We also got some fresh apple juice and cut apples… As fruits are quite expensive in Korea, I was so happy to get some fresh apples that day 😀

Due to a small change of plans, we went to Pocheon Art Valley next, which was a really good twist. That way we could go up the mountain with the monorail without a hurry and enjoy a little walk and coffee with a wonderful view. Just in time for sunset we walked down the small hill again and saw the sun disappear behind the Fall Foliage covered mountains.

Day 2 – Nami Island

In the morning of the second day we went directly to Herb Island, which is basically a small theme park without an obvious theme. 😀

From a herbal museum, dinos, fairy tales, squid game, tanks, Halloween to couple photo spots and other attractions there was something for everyone. Since we were there on a weekday, some fun looking booths were closed, but that way we could take the best photos without many people.

Our most important stop of the second day was Nami Island. And what can I say: I heard a lot about Nami Island in advance, but it exceeded my expectations by far. I really just imagine the island to be so beautiful in any season and could have spent the whole day there. Although we came on weekdays, there were an incredible amount of people, but because of our top tour guide, everything went very smoothly and we didn’t have to wait long or get stressed. We had enough time to walk around the island, have something to eat, take endless photos and admire the beautiful autumn colors. It was magical!

Last stop before we went back to Seoul was Petite France and an Italian Village near Nami Island. It wasn’t really authentic there, but had a very unique charm because of the beautiful view. In both parts of this European style village you have small museums, galleries and restaurants, so it was nice to have a small walk through the area.

All in all, this tour was just awesome, informative and incredibly fun! It was so well planned and executed, our tour guide was funny, structured and had sooo many interesting facts to tell about the places we went to. The places visited were more than beautiful and offered wonderful views. I can recommend this 2D1N-Trip from Seoul to the DMZ, Pocheon & Nami Island , other K Story’s hassle-free tours and Trazy´s Services 100%!

Alternatively also offers a DMZ Tour, a Pocheon Tour and a Nami Island tour separately as One-Day-Trips, if you can’t spend two days or many other destinations too!

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