BuUlGyeong – My favorite travel destination in Korea

BuUlGyeong stands for the area around Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam and has become my absolute favorite destination in South Korea due to my recent trips there. I can only warmly recommend you, if you are visiting South Korea, to go for a 1-3 day trip to the southeast of the Korean peninsula. You can find out why in today’s post.


The second largest city in South Korea (by population) is definitely one of my favorite places for a short trip. You can easily get from Seoul to Busan within 3-4 hours by KTX and spend endless time there.
The big city by the sea has everything to offer what you can wish for: Big city feeling with party, bars and restaurants… Beach, sun and sea… But also culture, history and art. It’s a perfect mix and definitely less hectic and crowded than Seoul.

My favorite places to visit in Busan are:

  • Huinnyeoul Culture Village
  • Blueline Park Skycapsule
  • Songdo Beach & Cablecar
  • International (Gukje) Market
  • Haeundae Beach
  • Diamond Bridge (Drone Show)
  • BIFF Square
  • Gamcheon Culture Village
  • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
  • Busan Diamond Tower


Ulsan is famous for outstanding industry, technology and science. Therefore, I was very surprised when I discovered the endless green spaces, parks and beaches in the recommended places. And indeed, this port city between Busan and Gyeongju has a lot of nature to offer.
The Taehwagang National Garden with Pink Mulhi, 40 Mio. Chrysanthemum and a 4km long Bamboo forest was my favourite in Ulsan:

But also Seouldo Island a bit outside of the city was simply beautiful. I highly recommend to take a walk along the coast, a bit off the touristy paths to see stunning views of the sea:

I unfortunately didn’t have much time in Ulsan, but what I saw was breathtakingly beautiful. So I will definitely go there again!


South Gyeongsang (Gyeongnam) is a province on the southeast coast of South Korea and has many brilliant places to offer. The area is still quite unknown especially among foreigners and therefore less crowded but no less beautiful and breathtaking! When I went to Gyeongnam via a group tour, I wasn’t expecting too much to be honest. But I was more than pleasantly surprised!

For Kdrama fans, I recommend House of Choi Champan: a film location for endless historical dramas, such as Mr. Sunshine. The traditional Hanok buildings are very well preserved and lovingly decorated:

My mother always said that a hot tea is not only good for the body, but more importantly for the mind. And as I sat by this beautiful little tea field with a few friends and a breathtaking view of the cloud-covered mountains, I really felt all my worries just fly away: 

The Samsung Palace near Hadong was my absolute favorite of this entire tour and is definitely in the top 3 of my favorite places in Korea so far:

I really recommend everyone who visits Korea to get out of the incredibly busy, hectic city of Seoul and especially to go to the beautiful BuUlGyeong Area!

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