Move to Seoul with me | South Korea Traveling

I finally arrived in Seoul!

I really can hardly believe it… I am finally at the goal of my dreams and yet it is only the first step and so much more is to come during my journey in South Korea.After more than a year…

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Study Tips Sticky Notes

4 Study Hacks for everyday

Learning a language takes time. Especially in stressful times, I often have trouble finding the time to focus on learning.So it makes sense to integrate language studies into your everyday life and add it to the habits you’re already used…

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White Kimchi

White Kimchi (Baek-Kimchi | 백김치)

Most of you probably know the normal red spicy kimchi. At least that’s how it was for me until I ate Baek kimchi for the first time. It was like a whole new world! I really love spicy food… But…

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