4 Study Hacks for everyday

Learning a language takes time. Especially in stressful times, I often have trouble finding the time to focus on learning.
So it makes sense to integrate language studies into your everyday life and add it to the habits you’re already used to.Here I share my 4 favorite language learning tips with you.

1. Spread Post-It’s with basic phrases around your room

No matter if it’s while washing the dishes, brushing your teeth, or just before going to bed…. In places of everyday tasks, I started spreading little sticky notes with common phrases in my preferred language.

This way I can use this rather unproductive time for something useful and repeat vocabulary and phrases by the way. You can even use the back side and treat the Post-Its like flashcards. It’s important that the Post-It’s are strong enough to stick to smooth surfaces, for that I can recommend these Post-Its from Amazon.

2. Use the Netflix-Plugin for double Subtitles

Let’s be honest… Nowadays, we spend a significant part of our free time with Netflix. Especially on rainy weekends, this is usually my number 1 activity.

Even this time can be used for language learning!
You can easily download browser plugins for Netflix and watch series with double subtitles. So while I binge-watch my series in English, I can add Korean subtitles. Or for the K-drama fans among us: Watch the original Korean version with English subtitles and read the words in Hangeul simultaneously.
Romanization and an auto-pause function can also be activated.

No matter what language you’re learning, this will help you pick up and understand a few words and phrases besides. One or the other will definitely stick to your mind.

3. Add keychain-Flashcards with Vocabularies to your keys

Who doesn’t know this… You’re sitting on the subway and you’re looking at your phone the whole time. If you’re like me and you can’ t really learn well with apps, you can use your key for that.

You can buy keychain-flashcards on amazon for small money. Simply write the vocabulary on one side and the translation on the back.
Then you can check your knowledge on the go and memorize vocabulary or even whole sentences.
And once you are through with the first vocabulary list, you replace the keychain with a new one.

4. Follow language-Accounts with daily Posts

And where else do you spend way too much time every day? On social networks, of course.

So while you’re scrolling through the latest posts on news, fashion, or from friends, why not add a few language accounts. On Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or Facbeook… There are people, groups or pages everywhere that post new vocabulary or important phrases almost daily, giving you new input casually.

These were just 4 of my tips for daily language study. If you liked the post, leave a comment or follow me on my social media channels. That way you won’t miss any new hacks!


  1. Hey its laura love your post♡… I have been looking everywhere but couldn’t find where I can learn hangul so can you please put a link or something:)

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