3 Tips how to start learning Korean

Do you love Kpop or K-dramas? You really want to travel to Korea? Or you’ve just fallen madly in love with Korean culture and food?
Then you’ve definitely thought about learning Korean to understand everything better. When I first started learning Korean, I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t quite know where to begin.
So here I share my top 3 tips on how you can best get started.

1. Learn Hangeul!

Hangeul is the Korean alphabet and therefore the most important basis for the Korean language. So the best thing to do is to start memorizing the symbols and their pronunciation. I started watching Youtube videos for this and put an overview chart for Hangeul in my purse.
Reading a lot also helps to become more fluent and faster.
Even if you don’t understand most of it at first 😉

2. Listen to native Korean in K-dramas and Kpop songs

To get a better feeling for the Korean language and maybe understand the first words, you should listen to a lot of native Korean. For this I can highly recommend Korean dramas and Kpop songs. It’s best to turn on the subtitles in your language or read through the translated song lyrics. YouTube videos with subtitles by native speakers can also help here and you might learn a bit more about Korea.

For K-Drama-Lovers I can especially recommend the Netflix-Plugin for double subtitles.. More Information you can read in my blog post with 4 Study Hacks for everyday.

3. Use free courses by “Talk to me in Korean”

When I came across this offer, I was in heaven. Great beginner courses in Korean, free, online and with a bit of humor.
To take the first steps in Korean grammar, these courses are perfect. Talk to me in korean also offers Youtube videos, podcasts and an app for free, so you can also learn korean easily in your daily routine.

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